Three Design District Restaurants Take Top Honors in D Magazine Rankings

May 29th, 2013 by Jessica MacDonald

When PegasusAblon began leasing and managing a large number of properties in the Design District, principal Mike Ablon established one rule at the outset as far as leasing was concerned; no nationals.

That meant the Design District would have no Bank of America, no Starbucks and no Chili’s. A concerted effort was made to ensure the Design District had unique things to offer to not only the neighborhood’s historic, designer clientele, but also an entirely new generation of Dallasites who would come to the neighborhood for more than just interior design needs.

It may come as no surprise then, that in a city driven by the current craze to support local food and chefs, three locally owned, Dallas-based chef-driven restaurants in the Design District were all a part of the top 30 in D Magazine’s top 100 restaurants in Dallas list.

Chef Jason Maddy’s creative and international menu at Oak garnered the restaurant fourth place in critic Nancy Nichols’ rankings while Matt McCallister’s much lauded FT33 followed close behind in fifth. A little further down in the rankings but confidently in the top 30 is Shannon Wynne’s mecca of beer and impeccable cuisine, the Meddlesome Moth, which Nichols ranked at 29th.

In a city that once claimed to have more restaurants per capita than New York City and a city home to more than ten vibrant dining and entertainment neighborhoods, the Design District’s restaurants have garnered an impressive number of accolades in just a few short years. D Magazine’s implicit recognition of the neighborhood and its developer’s commitment to locally owned, chef-driven restaurants is just another bragging right for an already justifiably proud neighborhood.

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