Staying Focused: Remember What Matters

My job at PegasusAblon requires me to stay knowledgeable about the economy and current market conditions, so I read a wide variety of economic and investment blogs and publications. Sometimes the insights bleed over into my personal life.

A good example is the chart, pictured above, from Carl Richards at Carl intended the chart as sound investing advice, but I think it also applies more broadly.

In MANY areas of our lives, we can become trapped into obsessing about things that matter, but that aren’t in our control. (The older I get the more I discover how little we control!) This doesn’t mean we shouldn’t think ahead or plan for contingencies, but once that’s done, our focus should be where our efforts influence the outcome.

We also expend too much energy on things we control but that don’t really matter. If you’re like me, just think back through your week and you’ll find plenty of examples.

Sadly, as I am thinking about it, my golf game probably isn’t in either circle. Hmmmm…..