Steve Brookshire & Mike Ablon

PegasusAblon is a commercial real estate development, investment and management company headquartered in Dallas, Texas. With experience in a diverse collection of real estate disciplines, PegasusAblon’s management team has developed the knowledge and extensive resources necessary to manage and invest in a broad range of real estate opportunities.

For clients interested in successful real estate transactions, PegasusAblon provides a proven and turnkey approach to the development, acquisition and management of commercial real estate. PegasusAblon is focused on the execution of value-add investment opportunities in office, multifamily, and retail assets and developments in the state of Texas.

PegasusAblon utilizes its relationships, knowledge and information to create intelligent real estate opportunities for clients and investors.

10th Anniversary

For a decade, PegasusAblon has created spaces and places in the Dallas/Fort Worth area.

Focused on fulfilling the desires for the transition from the Baby Boomer to the Generation Connected, PegasusAblon’s developments and redevelopments capture the ethos of the neighborhoods and districts in which it invests.

Generation Connected (Gen C) identifies places with both connectivity and a natural sense of personal identity; allowing us the ability to infuse both the art and science of our craft in the development of our projects providing for people, and places accretive to the long term permanence of Dallas as a global city.

Strategy & Culture

PegasusAblon approaches commercial real estate with the idea that cities and developments are made up of layer upon layer of the interconnections and functions of its inhabitants, telling the stories, ideologies, and mythologies of its history.

Our driving strategy is to understand this history, the fabric of the city, and layer onto it the notion of what the user consituent will desire for their environment in the future. Our goal is to provide these places and spaces, as culture doesn’t just matter, it is the driving force behind places that become highly desirable.

As a strategy-driven commercial real estate development and investment company headquartered and focused on the Dallas area, PegasusAblon utilizes a layering methodology in its pursuit to adding lasting components to the future of the city fabric. This philosophy and methodology understands the history of the ‘why’ of the pattern of the city’s past, interprets what the demography of the evolving Generation Connected desires that are different from the Baby Boomer’s (and their predecessors), and layers these constructs over the existing fabric in search of the opportunity to create spaces and places that will resonate and be relevant for the next generation of Dallas’ constituents.

Our Values

  • PegasusAblon is a culture and strategy driven company, characterized by its entrepreneurial attitude and institutional-quality excellence and execution.
  • We treat our internal team, partners and customers with the same respect and care as our investors.
  • We take the long-term view in everything we do and require of ourselves the continued care of our team, our community and the common good.