Since 2010 PegasusAblon has been a proud partner of Dwell with Dignity, a Dallas-based non-profit group of interior designers and volunteers dedicated to creating inspiring homes for families struggling with homelessness and poverty.

Lisa Robison and Kim Turner launched Dwell with Dignity in 2009 and have grown from helping one or two families a year to over a dozen with the help of an ever-growing group of dedicated volunteers, staff and donors.

Lisa and Kim have created an organization built on the assumption that a home and sense of place have a huge impact on someone’s outlook on life. Through the elevation of family’s standards of living, Dwell with Dignity is helping create a renewed sense of self-worth and motivation for both parents and children.

It is our honor to partner in their mission year after year. For more information and to learn about Dwell with Dignity’s bi-annual fundraiser Thrift Studio, which kicks off on October 10, visit

Maria's New & Improved "Blue Box"

At PegasusAblon, we like to think our success is kind of a big deal, but it is nothing compared to Maria’s.

Maria's former blue box

Maria used to sell out of this blue box.

Maria lives in Pedro Brand in the Dominican Republic. Not long ago she supported her family by selling gum, candy and odds and ends from a blue box by the side of the road. These days, thanks to a series of six-month micro-loans from Esperanza International, Maria’s roadside blue box has grown into a colmado, (her community’s equivalent of a 7-11) and her standard of living rises daily. Maria is setting a very impressive pace!

I just returned from the Dominican Republic and Haiti, where Esperanza International is hard at work with local communities and international partners to build a middle class—through a powerful blend of micro-finance, early childhood education, health care, clean water and better housing.

Now, thanks to the help micro-loans from Esperanza Interantional, Maria has a much bigger blue box to sell from.

The results are amazing, and I believe our collective efforts will transform the island in my lifetime!

I am grateful PegasusAblon views my frequent volunteer travel to the Dominican Republic as a part of our firm’s core commitment to give back to the broader community. And I am glad that locally, PegasusAblon supports organizations like Buckner International and Chiapas International who partner in Esperanza’s big dream!

During this holiday season, may we all find joy in the privilege of being a part of something bigger than ourselves.