Dallas Reborn

March 11th, 2015 by Jennifer Smart

If you happen to be flying on American Airlines this month, flip to page 76 of the American Way magazine in your seat-back pocket. Dallas Reborn is the title of a travel feature in this month’s issue, which chronicles how Dallas, a city which has variously been stereotyped for its obsession with over-the-top glitz and glamor and its suburban sprawl, has been transformed into a vibrant metropolis. The transformation is thanks in large part to shifts in the discourse on development and transportation in the city, as well as the organic revitalization of areas in and around the former ghost-town that once comprised the urban core.

Un-Dallaslike is the author’s characterization of the innovative redevelopment strategies of several area real estate companies, such as PegasusAblon, who have been integral in the activation, and revitalization, of the urban neighborhoods surrounding the central business district.

Filling areas such as the Dallas Design District with new urban living opportunities and high density mixed use developments for example, while preserving each neighorhood’s unique history and character, these developers and their developments have encouraged the cultivation of vibrant, walkable neighborhoods, whose success is attested to daily by the crowds who fill their restaurants and shops, and the residents, who now occupy multifamily, urban living developments in these former ghosttowns

Read the full text of Dallas Reborn, and its interviews with Mike Ablon, David Spence and Scott Rohrman, as well as urban planner Patrick Kennedy online, or download a pdf of the story here.


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