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Original article by Bobby Geary, Park Cities Historic and Preservation Society Axis Magazine 2018

Mythology, ethos, fabric; these are not common words that you would typically expect a Dallas commercial real estate developer to use when describing their projects, however, that is not the case with Mike Ablon of PegasusAblon, a Dallas based commercial real estate developer. I had the fortunate experience of interviewing Ablon about his endeavors with the Dallas Design District. Ablon is passionate about preservation and has successfully found a way to combine his passion with his business of developing and investing in commercial real estate throughout the Metroplex.

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Original Article: “Mike Ablon Does Not Build or Buy for Millennials,” by Jeremiah Jensen, Bisnow Dallas-Fort Worth December 4, 2017

Mike Ablon, principal and founding partner of PegasusAblon, does not build or buy offices for millennials. Instead of limiting himself to one narrow demographic, he builds offices for Generation Connected, the multigenerational, overlapping demographic of people living and working in the fast-paced, interconnected world of today.

“We took a little bit of a different stance on looking at millennials, which is we did not really look at millennials … We looked at Generation Connected, which is an overlapping demographic overview that takes all of connectivity and the generation we are in now, because the baby boomers are as heavily influenced with connectivity and mobility as the millennials,” Ablon said.

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In case you missed them, D Magazine recently published our series of essays on what makes a great city great. Over the course of three posts, Mike Ablon details both the large and small moves a city makes as it grows, how they work together to create the archetype of a great city and how we, here in Dallas, can learn both from others, and ourselves, how to make our own city great.

In the first installment we examine the big, infrastructure decisions a city makes early in its existence, paying especial attention to the deleterious consequences of large, early moves, whose symptoms are often not revealed until decades after their completion, offering examples specific to Dallas alongside proposed solutions.

In part two we take a closer look at the more subtle, but equally important role of the city in the cultivation of a variety of distinct, vibrant neighborhoods and why these neighborhoods are central to a city’s success. And finally, in part three, we tie the two pieces of the puzzle together while reasserting their applications for Dallas itself.

You can of course read all of them on D Magazine’s Real Estate Daily, but over the next several days we’ll be posting the blogs in their entirety on

We hope you enjoy.