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As most know, a little over a month ago Louise Troh lost her fiancée Thomas Eric Duncan to Ebola. As some may also know, Troh and her children lost all of their property after being released from quarantine and had difficulty finding a leasing office that would lease a home to her and her family after losing their apartment.

Thanks to the beneficence of fellow church-goers at Dallas’ Wilshire Baptist Church, Troh is now leasing a condo and thanks to local non-profit Dwell with Dignity, Troh and her children now have a beautiful and functional home in which to live.

PegasusAblon has been a proud sponsor of Dwell with Dignity from the very beginning. The Dallas-based nonprofit’s goal is to “bring good design to those less fortunate,” operating under the belief that a pleasant and pleasing home environment can serve as an inspiration to assist people in escaping poverty and homelessness.  Thanks to generous donations of money, time, and most importantly, furniture and home goods, Dwell with Dignity is able to transform dozens of homes in the Dallas area each year into beautiful residences, while educating the home’s inhabitants on the benefits of art, design and more.

Dwell with Dignity’s beautiful transformation of the Troh’s new home is just one of many generous deeds the nonprofit is able to accomplish each year and we could not be more proud to support them in their work.

To read more on Dwell with Dignity’s transformation of the Troh’s home and to see pictures, visit’s profile of the home.